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Villa Amantea Restaurant
Garden City, MI Italian & American Restaurant, Serving all of Wayne County since 1975

You deserve a fabulous meal
Whether you’re in the mood for pizza or pasta, salad or soup, meat or fish, a quick bite or a three-course mealf, you want to your selections to sate your appetite and please your senses.

You can enjoy the crisp crunch of romaine lettuce and the off-the-vine flavor of freshly made bruschetta. The savory taste of broasted chicken, the perfect sear of a steak made to order, or the sweet and buttery bites of broiled lobster.

Indulge your inner Italian
Sink into a slice of lasagna crafted with a blend of herbs and cheeses, or a plate of pasta made your way: with Villa Amantea Restaurant’s signature tomato or meat sauce, tomato-basil sauce, butter sauce, or butter-garlic sauce.

And who can forget dessert when you can sink into the chocolate-drenched decadence of cannoli cake, the creamy crunch of traditional cannoli, or the cherry and pistachio fun of spumoni?

You deserve an enjoyable outing
Whether you’re out for a casual evening with friends, a date with someone special, or a meal to celebrate a family milestone, you’ll find a cozy spot to settle. You’ll be welcomed by a staff that anticipates your every need and chefs who make food into an art form.

Downloadable menu copy: Main Menu

Salads • Antipasto • Shrimp Bowl • Chicken Caesar • Combination • Greek 


Steaks • New York Strip • Filet Mignon • Tenderloin Tip Scollopine • Prime Rib


Ribs ~~ Pork Chops ~~ Veal Scallopine • Veal Parmigiana


Seafood ~~ Scallops • Shrimp • Frog Legs • Crab Stuffed Flounder • Broiled Haddock • Friday Night Fish • Lobster Tails ~~ Broasted Chicken • Chicken Parmigiana • Barbecued Chicken



~~ Pastas • Ravioli • Spaghetti • Gnocchi • Mostaccioli • Linguine • Lasagna • Manicotti • Eggplant Parmesan ~~ Pizza • Special • Popular Favorite • Super • Veggie Lover • Pizzaburger • Personal Cheese ~~ Chicken Tenders




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